Vaccinations are underway for New Hampshire residents in Phases 1a, 1b, and 2a. Residents in Phase 2b can begin registering for vaccinations on March 22nd. If you do not have internet access, call 2-1-1 to get help with registration.

New Hampshire residents 

Phase 2b - residents age 50 and older

Beginning March 22, New Hampshire residents aged 50 or older (Phase 2b) will be able to register for vaccines through the State of New Hampshire vaccination scheduling website. Appointments for this group will be available starting March 25.

Phase 2a - teachers, school and child care staff

New Hampshire residents in Phase 2a, which includes teachers and school staff in districts that have partnered with regional public health networks. Other K through12 school staff and child care staff can also now register for the vaccine using the state’s new registration system called VINI. 

Phase 1a and 1b

New Hampshire residents in phase 1a and 1b (age 16 to 64 with 2 or more high-risk health conditions (PDF) per the CDC guidelines and state requirements), can continue to register for vaccinations. For residents who are patients of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health in phase 1b:

  1. D-HH will automatically submit all required documentation to the State to confirm your eligibility for the COVID-19 vaccine during this Phase 1b. Please note that this will not include the nature of your health conditions.
  2. You will receive an update in your myD-H account and/or via postal mail from D-HH after we submit your documentation to the State.
  3. The State of New Hampshire will send you an invitation via email link to schedule your vaccine, or you will receive a phone call if you do not have an email on file. The invitation will come to your email from [email protected]. Please check your spam and junk folders to make sure it didn’t get accidentally filtered incorrectly. Please note that it may take up to 5 days to receive this invitation from the State.

Residents of states other than New Hampshire

While we would like to vaccinate all our patients, due to NH State allocation requirements, we are unable to vaccinate residents from other states at this time. There are no exceptions for patients who receive their health care in NH, but live in other states. Please visit the information website for your state of residence for the most up-to-date information about vaccinations.

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