Hard to believe, but there are 0 cases in Evanston and a total of 244 new cases reported in the entire State today. On May 7, just one month ago, the State reported 3,321 new cases.

The charts in the above chart box show that the weekly number of new cases per 100,000 in Evanston, Suburban Cook County, Chicago and the State are continuing to decline, and that they are each below IDPH’s benchmark of 50. The low test positivity rate in each region shows that testing is adequate. The data shows that all four regions are controlling the spread of the virus.

While the number of people in the State who are being vaccinated continues to grow, the pace has significantly slowed despite the increased availability of the vaccines.

For benchmarks used to assess the risk of spread, see footnotes 1 – 4.

Evanston – COVID

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