CLEVELAND — COVID-19 hospitalizations are on the rise and it’s impacting operations at Cleveland Clinic hospitals, the organization said Monday.

What You Need To Know

  • COVID-19 hospitalizations are nearing peak levels at the Cleveland Clinic
  • The Cleveland Clinic is postponing nonessential surgeries
  • The majority of those hospitalized with COVID-19 in the Cleveland Clinic are not vaccinated
  • Essential services are continuing without disruption

According to the Cleveland Clinic, there were 460 COVID-19 patients at its Ohio hospitals, with 135 of them in the ICU, as of Monday. The Cleveland Clinic also added that it expects that the number of hospitalizations will rise in the coming weeks. 

Despite a majority of the population in northeast Ohio being fully vaccinated based on state data, the Cleveland Clinic said the majority of its COVID-19 patients are not vaccinated. 

The Cleveland Clinic said some of its locations are scheduling fewer nonessential surgeries that require an inpatient stay. While nonessential services are being impacted, the Cleveland Clinic says that essential services continue as scheduled. 

The Cleveland Clinic also said wait times in emergency rooms are longer. The Cleveland Clinic has also shifted patients among its hospitals to manage its capacity. 

According to the Ohio Hospital Association, there were 3,734 people hospitalized with COVID-19, as of Monday. Of those, 999 were in the ICU. 

In northeast Ohio, coronavirus patients now make up one-in-five ICU hospitalizations. Two months ago, One-in-32 ICU hospitalizations were tied to COVID-19, according to the Ohio Hospital Association. 

In response to rising cases and hospitalizations, the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals have both implemented stricter visitation protocols, reducing the number of guests that can visit patients. 




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