I know a number of people whose favorite hobby is smoking marijuana. I’ve heard that pot is, to some degree, a mild anti-inflammatory. Is this why they seem to have very little if any impact from COVID-19? Also, I know people who consume ice or crystal meth, and they seem to have gotten quite sick but stayed home and recovered fully. They will consume this drug prior to going to the doctor so the doctor won’t “gripe at them.” They say it makes their lungs clear. Is there a connection?

I reached out to Dr. Anne Robin to answer these questions.

There is no medical evidence that smoking cannabis protects from COVID-19.

I have not seen a study, but it makes sense that the opposite is true. Smoking cigarettes is a known risk factor. The residue in the lungs from smoking marijuana is worse than from cigarettes. The conclusion is that smoking anything is harmful to the lungs and not protective. The lungs were not designed to accept smoke.

The question about meth raises an interesting point. The human mind loves to draw conclusions from our experiences. The writer knows some people who consume meth who survived COVID-19. Does this mean that the meth helped them or that they survived despite their meth use?

I’m glad they survived, but it was despite, not because of, the meth use. Meth does not “clear up” the lungs. These people may also have other unverifiable beliefs about their health.

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