I am new to postgresql.

We had a full disk issue on PostgreSQL DB where data and WAL was set.

WAL was taking almost 65 GB. This is a lower environment and we don't need to restore to a point. Compared to Oracle, we can put this DB to no archive log mode.

I wasn't sure of the step I needed to take. In some posts, I read deleting WAL can be disastrous like the database going to an inconsistent state.

I understood that WAL is not supposed to be this big. No physical replicas are present for this DB. But when I checked

select * from pg_replication_slots;

I saw the below entry.

[local]:7432 =# select * from pg_replication_slots;
 |                          slot_name                            |    plugin     | slot_type | datoid |       database       | temporary | active | active_pid |  xmin  | catalog_xmin | restart_lsn | confirmed_flush_lsn|
 |uat_postgresql_f_00016430_02c0d965_7608_c14a_8c3b_b1a259abd32d | test_decoding | logical   |  16430 | xxa_domain_services  | f         | f      |     [null] | [null] |     73310839 | 50/155EFB78 | 50/155F08E0        |
(1 row)

Is this something that not allowing WAL to get cleared?

Or how should I troubleshoot the reason for WAL getting bigger and bigger?

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