Diphenhydramine hydrochloride (DPHm) solution 1.5% was given intravenously to 375 healthy males (mean age; 23.8 years) at a rate of 30mg/min. The dosages injected were 2mg/kg (N = 157); 1.5mg/kg (N = 94); 1.0mg/kg (N=72); 0.5 mg/kg (N = 52). As a result, the 6c/sec spike and wave discharges (WSP) was found in 19.7%, 9.6%, 20.8%, and 15.4% of cases, respectively.

Comparisons were made between the WSP incidence versus past histories and Cornell Medical Index results, and between WSP positive and WSP negative subjects. No significnat differences were observed in any of these parameters.

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