From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Governor Kay Ivey got a first-hand look at the damage from a tornado — that ripped through the Mason Bend Road community of Hale County last week.

Wal Iveyhale0211 Fox PkgShe toured the area Friday morning — and talked with victims.

“These folks are devastated. I mean, all of a sudden they don’t have a place to put their head at night.”

Shelia Johnson Green says ten people crammed into her family shelter just before the tornado hit.

“My shelter saved us,” said Green.

And when she came out of the shelter after it over — what she saw — left her speechless.

“My mind was blank,” said Green.

“My sister-in-law trailer right there was inside of my house, in the back of my house. All of my cars was just totaled. Window busted. Bent up. I mean like, refrigerators in my front yard.”

EMA officials say the EF2 tornado that hit the area — fell just one mile per hour short of being an EF3. They say it was 1700 feet wide — and stayed on the ground for 23 miles.

Green says she’s definitely happy the governor came out to the area. And she hopes that means — the help they so desperately need — is on the way.

“She gave us hope. So, we just gon’ keep the faith and hold on. And guess what? God bought us to it. He gon’ bring us through it.

The deadly tornado left one person dead — and critically injured three others.

It also destroyed or heavily damaged two dozen homes — and caused minor damage to dozens more.

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