I have two Nighthawk X4 (AC2200 - model EX7300) WiFi Extenders at various locations in my house. Each one is set up as an access point vs. as an extender and each one is connected via ethernet cable to a Nighthawk X6 (AC3200) router. All items have updated firmware and are working just fine, each having their own SSID.


My situation is this: I want to add a range extender in my backyard gazebo so I have better reception for streaming video to devices out there (the gazebo has a power outlet which is +/- 50' away from the nearest access point).


My question is: Can I connect a wall plug extender like the Nighthawk X4S in the gazebo, or maybe even another X4 (AC2200), and get it to link up wirelessly with the nearest X4 (AC2200) access point?

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