When I saw this well loved but rust-free (likely California, Arizona or Idaho transplant) '86 Van Wagon in the Walmart lot, I had to get me a full photo shoot, or as much as possible. It is a loaded example, with automatic, on-board 12-volt fridge, dual sunroofs, alloy wheels, and quad captain's chairs, but has one sunroof caulked, parts missing inside and out, and mileage on the dash was listed at over 332k miles.

Even the commercial, hailing it as the "Wonderwagon", was memorable.

These forward control Japanese vans have diminished in the decade and change since Cash For Clunkers and record scrap values, and the JDM counterparts are becoming more commonplace, especially out west, so a USDM "Wonderwagon" and especially the rarer Mitsubishi & unicorn tier Nissan version are always a treat to spot & shoot.

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