Just repost what I said about this:

Diphenhydramine is the ----tiest substance I have ever used to get high. Sometimes took a bit more than regular dose works against nausea and sleeping issues and one time took a big dosage while playing some survival game (I think it was ARK) with a friend. When it hit it was like my short term memory was completely ----ing gone. It was like someone took out the RAM of my brainboard and shoved in a broken floppy disk.

I died in the game and for 4 hours tried to go back to our base while me friend kept trying to give to lead me with instructions on where to go, which I forgot immediately. I'm also pretty sure I kept taking more of the drug, but forgetting that I just took it.

I think the guy in the guy in the post might have actually played on his phone, went upstairs, left his phone there, went down, and completely forgot about it, so when he looked at his empty hand he thought he imagined all of it.
I know for sure that I was playing a video game relatively normally. I know I collected and built ---- while playing, but I was spaced out the whole time and I just kept forgetting ever 10 second what I was doing.

In short:
The stuff sucks ---- and I am pretty sure it fries your brain. Also, big chance you freak out and panic while high. Even if I was feeling awesome I completely forgot it immediately.
Also, I hear hallucinating spiders is common if you take A LOT of it.

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