NEW DELHI: A team of five doctors of AIIMS-Delhi onboard a Bengaluru-Delhi Vistara flight on Sunday saved the life a toddler who had stopped breathing mid-air.
The child was saved after a distress call was announced on Vistara airline flight UK-814, while the team of doctors who were returning from the Indian Society for Vascular and Interventional Radiology (ISVIR) were onboard the plane.
The premier institute confirmed the incident on X (formerly Twitter).
According to AIIMS, the two-year old cyanotic female child who was operated outside for intracardiac repair was unconscious and cyanosed onboard the flight on Sunday evening.
"Immediately child was examined - her pulse was absent, extremities were cold, child was not breathing with cyanosed lips and fingers. On air- immediate CPR was started and with limited resources, using skilled work and active management by team(sic)", AIIMS-Delhi wrote on X.
The flight was routed to Nagpur and the child was handed over to a pediatrician in stable hemodynamic condition.

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