Vodafone has issued a warning to its users about a scam known as "Wangiri." In a public service announcement, the company highlights how scammers use phone calls to obtain bank account information and provides tips on how to prevent falling for these scams.
According to Vodafone, users have been receiving international calls from unknown numbers, which are often used by scammers to book "empty" phone numbers to call and scam people. The scam, which originates from a Japanese phrase meaning "make a ring once and cut," lures victims into calling back by ringing their phones once and hanging up, leaving an unusually long ringtone.

Vodafone advises users to be cautious of unfamiliar international calls and never to answer or return them, as scammers are behind the operation. The company is actively working to identify and block these suspicious numbers and encourages users to report any suspicious activity.
Overall, it is important to stay vigilant and protect yourself against scams such as Wangiri. By taking precautions and following the advice of companies like Vodafone, you can avoid falling prey to these criminal activities.

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