The Sunday Music Drop is a weekly radio series hosted by the KQED weekend news team. In each segment, we feature a song from a local musician or band with an upcoming show and hear about what inspires their music.

“For the last seven years, we lived in a house in Berkeley, and that’s kind of where all this sort of came together,” said band member Garrett Barley. Three of the four bandmates live together. “It’s a very collaborative, kind of equal partnership,” he said.

Barley and band members Sean Spangenberg and Caleb Phair all met at Community College at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill while they played in the jazz program together. Then Tori Leonhardt joined, first as a roommate.

“We interviewed a lot of really weird people as roommate searches can go,” Barley said. “We clicked pretty quick.

Their current album took a while to record the songs as the band members each have jobs. “We didn’t necessarily have the luxury to sit down for like two weeks and be like: ‘alright, everyone’s taking this time off and we’re just gonna record,’” Barley said.

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