Recommendations for Preventing Upper Respiratory Diseases in Children in Winter
Recommendations for Preventing Upper Respiratory Diseases in Children in Winter

Liv Hospital Child Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Dicle Çelik made suggestions for the school term. Emphasizing that the stronger our immune system is, the stronger we will be against infectious diseases, Liv Hospital Pediatrics Specialist Dr. Dicle Çelik made some suggestions for this:

”The mother's having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy diet, normal vaginal delivery, only breast milk for the first 6 months, and continued breastfeeding until the age of 2, if possible. The concept of "First 1000 Days" is very important to drink follow-on milk rich in prebiotics in the absence or deprivation of breast milk. In other words, from the time the baby is in the womb until the end of the age of 2, additive-free and natural nutrition, complete vaccinations in accordance with the age, especially consuming homemade kefir, yogurt, pickles, tarhana, turnip juice, boza or probiotic use strengthens our immune system by increasing the friendly bacteria in our intestines. If possible, a life without antibiotics for the first 2 years, regular vitamin D for the first 2 years, then vitamin D supplementation according to needs, children playing in the open and fresh air, feeding with food without additives, preservatives, active sports by our children, regular sleep especially after midnight It should not be forgotten that growth hormone is secreted during deep sleep, personal hygiene has a very important place in following the rules of hygiene and having a strong immune system. When it comes to hygiene in children, the first thing that comes to mind is hand washing, tooth brushing, bathing and toilet hygiene.”

“We see upper respiratory tract diseases very often”

Dr. Dicle Çelik said, “Especially with the opening of schools, we see upper respiratory tract diseases in children very often. For this reason, it is important to ventilate the classrooms frequently, to clean the toys in nurseries and kindergartens, not to send sick children to school, and not to spend as much time indoors in winter as possible despite the weather conditions in order to break the chain of disease. he said.

Should I take a vitamin supplement?

Dicle Çelik, who stated that she does not recommend the use of vitamins or immune drugs in every child who starts school, said, "Every child should be evaluated on their own basis and a pediatrician should make the decision on this issue." He said and made the following suggestion: “But I recommend using vitamin D regularly, consuming fish 1-2 days a week, omega-3 supplements for children who do not consume fish, and zinc supplements for children with zinc deficiency.”

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