For healthy eating habits and proper chewing of foods for digestion, it is necessary to have healthy and stronger teeth. However, people across the world face different gums and tooth related issues and they struggle chewing their foods. Using the traditional methods to strengthen the teeth and gums are no longer effective. So, there is a new solution launched in the market called Prodentim. This is the all-natural, advanced dental hygiene formula designed using plant based substances and extract to sustain a healthy oral system. The formula is formulated to ensure maintaining a healthy oral hygiene and stronger teeth naturally.  

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Prodentim is the advanced dietary supplement that is designed for people who struggle with recurring gum and dental issues. It is the chewable table that is packed with some of the healthy probiotic and prebiotic strains that offer microbial balance in your oral cavity to maintain the health of your gums and teeth. The formula ensures to release the healthy strains of prebiotic and probiotic and it helps to maintain the healthy balance in your oral cavity. As a result, the users have a healthy gum and dental wellbeing while strengthening their immune system and maintain the digestive wellbeing. Prodentim is the all-round formula to sustain a healthy dental wellbeing.  

What is Prodentim? 

Prodentim is the most advanced, natural dental support probiotic strain that is available as chewable tablets. It is the natural way to consuming essential and healthy probiotics and prebiotics and one can take it regularly as chewable tablets. The formula is designed to supply healthy strains of essential bacteria to the body that aid in fighting against the harmful chemicals and reduce the risk of developing progressive diseases. Prodentim is the combination of healthy bacteria and probiotics that are essential for sustaining a healthy dental cavity. It ensures to restore the level of bacteria in your oral cavity which is needed to enhance the dental and gum health while improving the immunity and digestive wellbeing.  

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Prodentim is the combination of active ingredients and strains of probiotic and prebiotics and they work in conjunction to reduce the risk of oral infections, enhance digestive system and eliminate bad breathe. With regular use of the formula, one can boosts their confidence while enhancing the overall wellbeing. Unlike other dietary supplements, Prodentim is believed to work efficiently in preventing oral infections that occur due to unhealthy bacteria formation in the oral cavity. It balances the microbiome in the oral cavity, leading to healthy and enhanced oral wellbeing, reducing bad breathe and digestive complications. It is the formula designed after many years of research and it comprises a healthy combination of substances to promote a healthy oral wellbeing and dental hygiene. 

How Does Prodentim Works? 

Prodentim is the advanced dietary supplement designed to support users in maintaining their oral health and hygiene. It uses the proprietary mix of 3.5 billion probiotic strains that ensure to offer different health benefits to users. The formula comprises three unique and most powerful ingredients and blend of plant extracts and mineral. They work in conjunction to enhance the wellbeing of your teeth and gums and naturally optimizes the digestive wellbeing and eliminates bad breathe. The formula works by supplying the probiotic strains to the body that aid in enhancing the oral hygiene. Besides, it also targets the root cause of dental issues and ensures to treat them from the root cause. It includes bad breathe, bloody gums and loose teeth. The formula comprises some healthy minerals and plant extracts that work in conjunction to restore the strength of your gums and teeth while promoting a healthy dental hygiene and gums. The formula comprises the combination of plant extracts and clinically approved substances that restores the microbiome in your oral cavity. As a result, it helps in maintaining the oral wellbeing and prevents the users from experiencing dental issues.  

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Prodentim works by releasing natural microbiome into your mouth and it helps in combating against the free radicals and oral infections. It strengthens the immune system that aids in fighting against the infections and bacteria in your body and prevents you from suffering from diseases. The probiotic and prebiotic strains released by Prodentim help in making your system stronger to combat against the dental issues naturally. Besides, it ensures to maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria in your mouth. As a result, it helps optimizing the oral cavity, gums and maintains a fresh and healthy breathe. Besides, it also promotes sound sleep cycles and optimizes the digestive wellbeing. It reduces the risk of oral cavities and other dental conditions naturally. 

What are the Key Components of Prodentim? 

  • Lactobacillus Paracasei – It is the primary ingredient of the formula and it helps in sustaining the oral hygiene and wellbeing. It offers multiple oral benefits to the users and it ensures to reduce the risk of oral cavities while strengthening the gums and teeth. It also helps combating against the bad breathe and preventing oral infections and gum diseases. It also helps in inhibiting the growth of unhealthy bacteria in mouth and ensures to maintain your gut health and digestive wellbeing.  
  • Lactobacillus Reuteri – It is the substance that works as a powerful probiotic and it maintains the oral health naturally. The substance enhances the dental plaque and maintains the gum wellbeing while reducing the gingivitis severity in people and inhibits Candida species growth. Besides, the substance also helps in maintaining a healthy balance of gut flora that aid in preventing different ailments, including IBS. It is also effective for maintaining the oral hygiene and oral cavity while boosting the cognitive wellbeing.  
  • Lactis BL-04B – It is a Probiotic that is included in the formula to enhance the overall oral wellbeing by optimizing the colonization of good bacteria in the oral and dental cavity. The substance helps in reducing bad breathe in mouth by eliminating the plaque build-up in gums and teeth while treating gum diseases, bad taste and cavities in your mouth.  
  • Insulin – It is the substance that works as a fiber and it helps in supporting the digestive wellbeing. It also offers multiple health benefits to the users, including reducing digestive issues, improving the absorption of nutrients and reducing the risk of cholesterol formation in the body.  
  • Malic Acid – It is the substance that works to reduce the fatty acids in the body and break them down into simple molecules that are used for energy production. It also helps in maintaining the natural color of your teeth and strengthens the gums to keep the teeth stronger.                             

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  • Helps in enhancing the overall oral cavities and dental wellbeing naturally 
  • Uses plant extracts and blend of minerals to optimize the oral health and reduce bad breathe 
  • Improvises the digestive wellbeing and gut health 
  • Restores the energy levels 
  • Enhances the dental health and fight against gum diseases 
  • Prevents bloody gums and loose teeth 
  • Supplies the essential nutrients to strengthen your immunity and digestive system      
  • Fight against free radical damages and prevents you from experiencing infections 
  • Effective against the oral infections and diseases 
  • Maintains the healthy oral microbiome in mouth to reduces the risk of gingivitis  
  • Whitens the teeth and restores the natural color of your teeth 
  • Optimizes and enhances the respiratory tract and supports you cardiovascular wellbeing    

Where to Order Prodentim? 

The official website is the right place from where one can order the monthly supply of Prodentim.  

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