University qualified naturopath and clinical herbalist, Renae Scott, has a strong desire to support women’s health, which led to the creation of her clinical practice, Nourish & Breathe. A mother of four, Renae specialises in fertility, pregnancy, and hormonal health, as well as treating stress, energy, sleep, and digestive and immune health. Nourish & Breathe’s mission is to allow transformational healing by integrating traditional natural medicines with modern day clinical evidence.  

What do you sell in your store?

“Our apothecary is a store for traditional medicines – tinctures, ointments, balms, tonics, elixirs of plants, for individual prescribing and healing. The apothecary shop front allows access to affordable professional naturopathic care – the true heart of Nourish & Breathe.”

What is the most rewarding part of your job? And the most challenging?

“It is a true honour to be afforded the trust given to be a part of a client’s own health journey – to guide and to see first-hand the challenges, the break-throughs and the transformations.”

What do you consider to be your key strengths?

“I like to create a space in the clinic and apothecary where clients feel heard and valued, and their symptoms are not minimised or brushed off. We look at the bigger picture to make sure we are addressing what your unique health picture is in context of your own experience.”

To find out more, visit, call Renae Scott on 0435 049 023 or find Nourish & Breathe at Studio 7, Building 3.3, 1 Dairy Rd, Fyshwick.

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