The home-treatment remedy for snoring forces people to breathe through their nose while sleeping.

If you’re active on TikTok, you may have come across a new trend that promises to help you lose weight and sleep well. This latest trend involves taping your mouth shut before bed and is being touted by many users of the platform. But, doctors are warning against doing this as it could suffocate you in your sleep.

Mouth taping

Mouth taping has been around for some time and is an unconventional way of forcing people, especially those who snore, to breathe through their nose instead of their mouth. Mouth breathing could be brought on nasal congestion or a force of habit. According to the Sleep Foundation, it could lead to:

  • Dental issues such as dryness in the mouth, bad oral odour and cavities
  • Sleep apnoea which can cause drowsiness during the day and increases risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • Sleep disturbances from waking up frequently
  • Sore throat & increased heart rate

Now, proponents of mouth taping argue that forcing yourself to breathe through your nose promotes fat loss as well as improving airflow for better sleep.

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Risk of suffocation

As with many trends popularized on TikTok, mouth taping could be fatally dangerous. Some people who have been doing this swore that they have more energy in the hours after waking up due to improved sleep quality.

But Dr Raj Dasgupta, a sleep specialist at the University of Southern California, warned that taping your mouth before sleep could obstruct breathing which may cause suffocation, Daily Mail reports. He told CNBC:

There is limited evidence on the benefits of mouth taping and I would be very careful — and even talk to your health care provider before attempting it.

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