This week, Newton Community Centre held wellbeing classes as part of Mental Health Awareness Week. 

On Wednesday, the centre offered a Mindfulness Meditation and Wellbeing class for members of the community to slow down and reflect on their mental health. 

Following its announcement on their Facebook page, I decided to head down to Newton Community Centre to take part in the mindful activity. 

Upon arrival, I immediately felt welcomed and disconnected to the outside world.  

Starting at 1pm, the hour-long session allowed myself and other participants to be in the present moment, whilst Chris Booth, our guide, led us through a series of breathing exercises. 

As Chris stated, we take breathing for granted, and as it's something our body naturally does itself, it's important for us to recognise its significance.

Breathing techniques also enable us to focus on our current state rather than be attached to our thoughts. 

Seated with eyes closed was encouraged, however, participants were also welcomed to move around the room. 

Following the breathing exercises was a body scan, which involves mentally scanning your body from head to toe to direct your attention from your thoughts to your body parts. 

The wellbeing class finished with independent meditation, which at this point I was extremely relaxed and content.

The session certainly allowed me to appreciate the act of meditating as I left Newton Community Centre feeling mindful and light. 

To follow my experience at the centre, watch the video below:

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