Growing in the right direction | Image Credit: Contemporary Pediatrics®

This past February, I was very proud to announce that MJH Life Sciences® had acquired a new company named Mesmerize. Founded in 2006, Mesmerize has developed into a premier point-of care advertising provider by distributing educational health care content to their clients via waiting room televisions, pharmacy wallboards, examination room papers and tablets, posters, pharmacy bags, and pharmacy televisions. Through their expansive point-of-care network (doctors’ offices, pharmacies, diagnostic/imaging centers, and community-based organizations), they are able to reach the most relevant audiences. The acquisition gave us an opportunity to expand our own access with Mesmerize’s various networks and offerings, reaching patients directly with MJH’s vast amount of educational content through Mesmerize’s more than 3500 screens, and bring more service offerings to our Strategic Alliance Partnership (SAP) members (email, February 7, 2023).

Speaking of our SAP programs, we are delighted that several of our brands have recently added new organization members. The purpose of the SAP programs is to collaborate in several ways with our partners, including sharing content initiatives, supporting each other’s missions, and promoting each other’s upcoming conferences, events, and fundraising projects. Recent additions to our company-wide SAP program include Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey (for dvm360®, our animal science brand), Cancer Champions and the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (for CURE®, one of our oncology brands), the University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School (for Urology Times®), and the Arkansas Association of Cancer Professionals (for Targeted Oncology™).

These new partnerships are one of the things I most love about being CEO: finding growth opportunities that simultaneously enhance the medical community at large. Have a wonderful July!

Mike Hennessy Jr

President and CEO, MJH Life Sciences®

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