hree men whose daughters took their own lives have received a message of support from James Bond actor Daniel Craig, who described their latest charity campaign as “heroic”.

The fathers appeared on BBC Breakfast to raise awareness for their charity walk, which will see them trek 600 miles to visit all four UK Parliaments over the course of a month.

Andy Airey, Mike Palmer and Tim Owen, known as the 3 Dads Walking, previously raised over £880,000 after walking more than 300 miles in memory of their daughters, 17-year-old Beth Palmer, 19-year-old Emily Owen and Sophie Airey, who was 29.

The walk will raise money and awareness for the national charity Papyrus Prevention of Young Suicide, and increase support for their quest to make suicide prevention a compulsory part of the school curriculum.

Speaking in a pre-recorded video, James Bond actor Craig said: “Andy, Mike, Tim, just incredible what you achieved last time around and what you’re about to do now is just truly, truly heroic.

“I’m sending you love, and my best wishes. Shout loudly, I know you’ll be heard.

“All my very best, good luck.”

Craig previously showed support for the fathers’ 2021 campaign by donating £10,000, a sum which was then matched by Nicole Kidman, as well as former Manchester United footballer Lou Macari, who lost his son to suicide.

The men began their walk at Stormont in Northern Ireland on September 9 before boarding a plane to Edinburgh to commence their walk through mainland Britain, in honour of their daughters who all took their own lives within the last three years.

Thursday saw them walking through northern England to Wales ahead of the conclusion to their challenge at Westminster on October 10.

The three men were all surprised by the video, with Mr Owen saying: “I leaked again” whilst pointing to his eye.

Mr Palmer said: “It means so much, doesn’t it? For us to have made an impression.

“It just shows you that with mental health issues and suicide, there are no barriers.”

Mr Airey added: “It is just amazing and surreal, the one thing it does is shows the difference that talking makes, so that’s what we are going to do.”

In a statement released afterwards, Mr Palmer said: “It was absolutely brilliant of Daniel Craig to do that.

“It means so much to us, to have made such an impression.

“It just shows that we are getting suicide talked about. That’s the whole point of why we are doing this.”

Ged Flynn, chief executive of Papyrus, said: “Andy, Mike and Tim are helping to start conversations in homes where families were unwilling to discuss suicide.

“It is remarkable that these proud fathers, who are each trying to deal with their own grief in their own way, have found a positive path forward together.”

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