Did you know that there are several common factors that can hinder a newborn baby's ability to breathe properly? Some babies encounter difficulties with their breathing, which unfortunately can lead to unexpected and heartbreaking deaths for these little ones, causing immense sorrow for their mothers.

In this article, based on information from Medical News Today, we will explore some of the common factors that can impede a baby's ability to breathe effectively and increase the risk of complications. Sit back and enjoy this article as you gain new knowledge.

What Factors Can Interfere with a Baby's Breathing?

1. Sleeping on the stomach or side: Studies have revealed that placing babies in these sleeping positions can result in breathing difficulties compared to placing them on their backs. It is crucial to ensure that you position your baby correctly to avoid any harm.

2. Bed-sharing with your baby: Sharing the same bed with your baby can also elevate the risk of breathing issues. According to healthline While some mothers opt for this arrangement due to care and closeness to their babies, it increases the likelihood of the baby choking to death.

3. Exposure to excessive heat: Keeping your baby in a hot environment can also trigger breathing problems. Although newborns don't require cold temperatures, it is essential to be cautious and ensure that you create a suitable environment that doesn't harm your baby.

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