Many people throughout the world suffer from chronic embarrassment whenever they have to speak in public because they smell bad, yet few understand the root causes of this problem. In this essay, I will inform you on the causes of bad breath according to an article written by Mayoclinic as well as techniques to prevent bad breath and reclaim your self-assurance in social situations.

1. Dry mouth, a condition in which your mouth is unable to produce enough saliva to wash out remaining food in between your teeth, is a common cause of bad breath. In addition, it might cause discomfort in the gums. Therefore, it is recommended that you schedule regular visits to the doctor for treatment and checkups.

2. not taking care of your teeth can also lead to an unpleasant breath odor. When you don't clean your teeth regularly after eating, food particles stuck in between your teeth begin to rot and cause unpleasant breath according to studies.

3. tooth decay and gum disease can also contribute to a pungent breath. You should see a dentist periodically to ensure your teeth are healthy.

In addition to the reasons of bad breath that we've already discussed, there are also measures you may take to ensure that your mouth always smells fresh.

If you want to keep your breath fresh, here are a few things you can do

1. Brush your teeth after every meal to get rid of any food that got trapped in your teeth and gums according to studies.

2. avoiding bad breath is possible without smoking. To avoid the discomfort of dry mouth, you should also chew gum, which will stimulate saliva production.

3. if you have gum disease, which can lead to bad breath, see your doctor to seek treatment.

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