New Delhi : The news of a bomb in an IndiGo flight ready to go from Chennai to Dubai made everyone swell on Saturday. IndiGo Airlines flight was scheduled to go from Chennai to Dubai (Chennai-Dubai Flight) on Saturday morning. Suddenly a threatening call came. It said that a bomb has been placed in the plane and will blow up the plane. This threatening call came for Flight 6E-65. 170 people were going to travel on this flight. There was a stir as soon as the news of the bomb was received. The flight was thoroughly checked. The passengers were thoroughly screened. But no trace of the bomb was found anywhere. In all this the flight got delayed by 6 hours.

Police traced the threat

There was a bomb threat call from an unknown number before the Chennai to Dubai Indigo flight took off. This call was made in the police control room. It was said to blow up the flight with a bomb. After this the airport police was informed. The flight and passengers were thoroughly searched, but nothing was found. When the police traced the threatening person, a surprising thing came to the fore.
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the caller was drunk

The police caught the caller. He was intoxicated. During interrogation, he told that he wanted to stop his family members from going abroad. So he made a bomb threat call. This person is a resident of Chennai and his family members were going to Dubai on Saturday morning. Thus this threat phone call turned out to be fake.

Know what Indigo said
IndiGo said the protocol was followed on receiving the information of the bomb, which delayed the flight. “The IndiGo flight (6E 65) from Chennai to Dubai was delayed due to a specific bomb threat,” the airline said. As per protocol, the aircraft was moved to a remote bay and the bomb threat process was initiated. The flight was operated from Chennai after a delay of about 6 hours.


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