Here, Check Out, Yoga Techniques To Reduce Cortisol levels & Manage stress.

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Yoga is an ancient method of exercise and it helps you with various types of health problems as well as mental problems. Yoga can help calm the nervous system and create harmony in the body and mind. Since cortisol is primarily a stress hormone, yoga is very helpful in decreasing cortisol and help you in managing stress. There are various types of yoga techniques to reduce cortisol levels & manage stress. Here we look at few yoga techniques.

This is among the best yoga techniques where the focus is on movement. This is like low-impact aerobic exercise, which is excellent for stress management. Do sun salutations for around 30 minutes.

A well-balanced stretching, with controlled breathing, is good for your mental and physical health. A combination of deep breathing and stretching helps you in reducing cortisol levels and decrease stress levels.

It’s a proven yoga technique for your overall mental and physical wellness. It relaxes your nervous system and helps you reduce stress. At least 20 to 30 minutes of breathing exercises will help you significantly in reducing cortisol levels and for better management of stress.

This is the best option for managing your stress. Meditation helps you develop mental strength and reduce stress.

This yoga technique is best for all physical and mental health. It’s a simple technique, in which you have to sit on folded legs and concentrate on breathing. This yoga technique helps you in reducing cortisol levels and decrease your mental stress. Try to sit in this position for at least 30 minutes.

Those were a few yoga techniques to reduce cortisol levels and manage stress.

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