New Delhi: Anxiety is the body’s answer to everyday stress. It happens when someone faces a real or perceived physical or emotional trauma. While some people go on with their daily lives as they cope with the stress, it can disrupt everyday life for others. 

There are multiple medications available to tackle anxiety but simply paying more attention to the breath can also have benefits for well-being. Experts also suggest meditation as a medium to beat the anxious mind. Making meditation with the right breathing techniques a part of the routine can help a person with anxiety issues. 

Here, we have mentioned five breathing exercises that will help people slow their heart beat and feel calm.

Deep breathing 

As simple as it may sound, deep breathing helps greatly in calming the heart rate. The best thing about Deep breathing is it does not require you to put much efforts and can be performed while sitting, standing up, or lying down. 

Mindful breathing

Mindful breathing helps in anxiety, stress, sleep issues, or high blood pressure. It requires a person to concentrate fully on the breath, using this focused attention as a form of meditation. One of the simplest techniques to practice mindful breathing is by focusing on the natural rhythm of breathing in and breathing out. 


Box breathing


Box breathing is another medium to relieve stress or boost concertation. It is a way to slow the breathing. It can help reduce stress, in addition to improving concentration and focus.

Alternate nostril breathing

Also a form of yoga, alternate nostril breathing can even out the breathing and help a person slow down the breath to reduce stress. Alternate nostril breathing can be performed by sitting in a comfortable position on a chair or the floor. 

Lion’s breath

This technique uses breathing along with face stretches to relieve stress and tension. Exhaling deeply can relax the muscles. To relive the stress, a person should deeply breath through the nose and breath out forcefully with the mouth open wide. 

first published:Feb. 7, 2022, 6:02 p.m.

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