Pregnancy is a time of joy but some women worry that something might go wrong. Hormonal changes during the nine months also affect the chemical in the brain that in turn cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Following are some exercises that might help stay stress-free during pregnancy - 

Deep breathing exercises: Deep breathing ensures ample supply of oxygen for both the mother and baby. It also purifies and helps calm the nervous system. Practice the exercise by lying relaxed on the floor and placing hand on the abdomen. Then focus on moving the hand up and down. Do this as you inhale and exhale. 

Speak out: It is very important for pregnant women to talk about their fears. They can talk to their partners, friends or family members who they trust. If that doesn't help, get in touch with a therapist who is trained to help with anxiety.

Other activities: Engaging in physical activities can also help reduce stress and anxiety. It not only helps maintain mental fitness but also helps reduce stress. The following activities can be done - 

Walking: Walking, which is considered the safest activity during pregnancy, helps maintaining a healthy weight gain throughout pregnancy. Walking also helps keep the bowel movement functional.

Swimming: Swimming is another safe exercise during pregnancy. It has zero chances of falling on the stomach and injuring the baby. It keeps the mother mentally and physically fit and also helps to relieve swelling and pain of your body. 

Aerobics: 2.5 hours of aerobic activity per week is important during pregnancy. It keeps the mind and body healthy and also  keeps the mother extra energetic. 


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