Light and mild exercises are taught in the gyms or recommended by the doctors depending on each case. This not only helps to increase the stamina of the mother, but keeps her active during her pregnancy period.

Regular exercises can help to strengthen the muscles to be able to combat the pain during delivery, and pelvic muscle exercises also help during normal delivery and post delivery care.

A healthy diet not only helps in the development and growth of the baby but also keeps the mother heathy and nourishes her body to combat any complications during the pregnancy. If a mother is healthy and fit from within, she can pass through the pregnancy and have an easy and comfortable delivery.

Breathing exercises can go a long way to ease birth - doctors recommend women practice these breathing exercises preterm to prepare for birth.

A proper practice of right breathing techniques from an early month takes the mother one step closer to the normal delivery.

Women often stop drinking enough water during the last months of pregnancy due to the pressure it puts on the bladder. It is important for the mother to have atleast 7-8 glasses of water everyday to prevent any urinary tract infections (UTIs) that pregnant women are generally prone to. Also, lack of hydration may lead to dehydration, fatigue, nausea and swelling in the body.

It is important that pregnant women stay stress-free during their pregnancy to avoid the overproduction of oxytocin, a hormone which is responsible for contractions during delivery. According to studies published in NCBI, mental health problems during pregnancy have an adverse effect on both baby and the mother.

There are several easy ways to divert your mind and keep yourself happy. You can spend time with your family, watch your favourite shows or movies, read happy and parental books or participate in group activities with other pregnant women.

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