Diwali has gone but it left one thing behind – thick smog. Currently, many cities including the capital of India is going through massive air pollution. The governments are taking all the necessary measures so that the AQI can be controlled. Even though the officials are taking steps needed, you will be shocked to hear that the average life span of people living in constant pollution has been reduced up to 5-10 years in the last few years. Besides, the safety measures taken by the governments, you should also do some indoor exercises, especially breathing ones to keep yourself fit from the inside out.

Many yoga and natural healing institutes like Jindal Naturecure have suggested some breathing exercises so that you can counter the air contamination in the most effective manner. Some of them have been listed below:

  1. Bhastrika

This breathing exercise suggested by Jindal Naturecure Institute does not only help you detoxify your system but improves the energy. The experts say that this exercise does not allow pollutants to stay within your body for a longer period. Before they make space, they are immediately thrown out. However, you must perform this exercise correctly to enjoy the maximum benefits. Below are the methods to do it easily:

  • Sit down and allow your shoulders to relax
  • Now, take deep breaths in & out from the nose
  • With each inhale, just expand your stomach as you breathe
  • Start breathing by forcefully exhaling through the nose, followed by forceful inhaling at the rate of 1 second per cycle
  • While performing, ensure that the breath is just coming from the diaphragm. Additionally, keep your neck, head, chest, and shoulder still when the stomach moves in & out
  1. Kapalbhati

This is yet another breathing exercise suggested by Jindal Nature Cure/ Jindal Naturopathy. It is quite a popular option among yoga practitioners too. This exercise is perfect to detoxify the whole system and improves breathlessness. Kapalbhati also clears the toxins from the lungs and frontal brain. Look at the following to know how to do it:

  • Sit straight and relax
  • Cross your legs and keep your spine erect
  • Take deep breaths and quickly and immediately exhale by making a gasping sound
  • While doing it, always focus on forcefully exhaling
  • Also, when exhaling, just keep your belly muscles inward concurrently
  • Your tummy must rise while inhaling and fold when exhaling
  • Do this for at least 10 minutes daily

Final Thoughts

Besides these two, you can also perform several other breathing exercises like “Agnisar Kriya”. However, it is suggested to consult an expert i.e. Jindal Nature Cure Bangalore to know how to do it and what are the benefits attached with this and other breathing exercise. And once you know it, just try to master them. After all, it is your body and you have full right to live a healthy life. So, do not allow the air smog spoil your life or reduce your life span

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