In conversation with Spoiler, the singer Isabel spoke about her discovery as a performer and what it means to be the first Mexican to sing flamenco rhythm.

Isabel presents her tribute to Manuel Alejandro with 'What nobody knows'.  (Photo: courtesy Comunik)
Isabel presents her tribute to Manuel Alejandro with ‘What nobody knows’. (Photo: courtesy Comunik)

A disease that left her body sequelae, especially her lungs, led her to dabble in singing not for pleasure, but as therapy. She required singing and breathing exercises as part of her recovery, but in the process she discovered that her voice had been trained to reach different pitches. So it was that he decided to become an interpreter. She is Isabel.

“I realized that my voice was a gift. I had to go through a severe illness to discover that I could sing. After that, I became more passionate about music and wanted to become a performer ”, he comments.

He leaned for romantic lyrics from boleros and ballads of yesteryear. Without knowing it, that path led her to flamenco to the point of becoming the first Mexican to sing flamenco rhythms. As an exponent of this subgenre, Isabel has found in the lyrics of the composer Manuel Alejandro a universe to explore as a performer.

For this reason, he decided to pay tribute to songs that made famous Raphael, José José, Rocío Jurado, José Luis Rodríguez ‘el Puma’, between many more. One of the songs chosen is Nobody knows, immortalized by ‘the Divo de Linares’.

“They are such beautiful songs that it is always good to recover. They go straight to the heart and that is something that we really need now, especially because today there are genres that sing horrible things “, Isabel refers.

Within the tribute to Manuel Alejandro, the singer will release month after month a song from the repertoire she has selected to perform. The launch is with Nobody knows, whose video clip was recorded at the Museo Jumex.

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