Two days ago, we had reported about Delnaaz Irani testing positive for COVID-19. We have now learnt that her co-actor Yamini Singh, who plays the character of Sunanda in Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey, has also been infected. Coincidentally, the two tested positive on the same day. Yamini tells us, “Yes, it’s such a strange coincidence that Delnaaz and I tested positive for coronavirus together. I am in quarantine and resting at home. I live alone in Mumbai and my son works in Bangaluru. He is flying to Mumbai soon. Until then, I am keeping myself positive by listening to good and soulful music. I am also reading an interesting book. Reading is like therapy for me.”

The seasoned actress is relieved that the symptoms are mild. She says, “It started with a severe body ache and fever. However, I am not feeling much pain anymore. I have resorted to breathing exercises without straining my lungs and drinking
kadha. I should be fine in a few days.”

In isolation, apart from her son, Yamini is missing her co-actors and unit of the show. She shares, “It is such a vibrant set and the people are extremely sweet and friendly. All of us have gelled so beautifully. Getting a good project is one thing, but if you get a good set of co-actors, it is even better. I am missing my co-actors and the set dearly. If they were around me, I would have recovered faster (smiles). I am hoping to be back on the set soon.”


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