Hi! I'm in my early 40's and have been an abuser of all manner of things since my late teens. Been sober from alcohol since '07 and was sober from cannabis -- my drug of choice -- for over a year from 2019. Relapsed this spring and hid all usage from everyone around me, even old smoker friends.

I've found sustaining sobriety to become really challenging AFTER I get through the worst of withdrawal, accept and work through my feelings, and make significant behavioral changes to start enjoying sober life. As soon as I tell myself "I've got this thing licked," the insidious, undermining voice starts telling me I can return to use, but only once in a while. That's my doom.

So what's worked for me in the 30-90 period? Throwing myself into new hobbies, keeping days full of engaging activities, and working hard on self-care through breathing exercises, meditation, good diet, etc. Engaging with other addicts and trying to help them along is also critical. Stay engaged here and be honest with those who care about you. We're with you!

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