Asthma can be a chronic concern to most people from childhood till the adult stage. Asthma is a breathing disorder that is caused by the inflammation and narrowing of your lung’s airways. Some of its symptoms include cough, rapid breathing, wheezing and breathlessness. And these symptoms can worsen with poor breathing techniques. When air can’t get in then the patient will also have a hard time breathing out thus causing the patient to have an asthma attack.

If you have asthma, you can help yourself by manipulating your breathing patterns with relaxation and deep breathing exercises. This will help you control your respiratory muscles and in turn will contribute to the improvement of your condition. When trying to learn breathing exercises it is important to consult a respiratory therapist first because not all breathing exercises can be safe for you.

Aside from breathing exercises, you can also seek help from the healing properties of nature by employing alternative treatments with the use of Garlic and honey. Garlic is considered to be an effective ingredient when it comes to natural asthma remedies. You can try it out by boiling garlic in milk. This is said to be very helpful when you are experiencing asthma symptoms and is recommended especially for those who are in the early stages of asthma. All you have to do is boil ten cloves of garlic in half cup of milk and drink it before you go to sleep.

Another possible remedy for you will be with the help of honey. You can get a glass of very hot water and add a teaspoon of honey in it. Drink this mix very slowly before you go to bed. Another concoction involving honey is to use one teaspoon of honey and mix it with a teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Then consume after mixing the two ingredients thoroughly.

Another home remedy you can use to relieve yourself from asthma is by the use of grapes. These grapes must have seeds and must be fresh. You need to soak the fresh grapes in water and place them in a cool place like the fridge. Then you can chew on the grapes before going to bed. This is said to help prevent any symptoms of asthma to take place.

With all this natural alternatives you can now reduce the risks of you having an asthma attack throughout the day or week. Do not forget to consult your doctor regularly.

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