Burdette also shared some case studies. A 75-year-old ovarian cancer told a nurse about having shortness of breath that she had not discussed with her doctor, partly because she was taking her cancer medication at home. The patient was admitted for a 24-hour observation period, but ultimately, because of the education that she had received about how to manage pursed lip breathing, and other clinical interventions, she avoided more serious and expensive care. Burdette said her company estimates the early intervention saved $16,000. In another case described by Burdette, an ovarian cancer patient had mouth sores because she wasn't using a mouth rinse. The savings from her using the mouth rinse (she had some other problems as well) was calculated at only $600 but multiple that by thousands of patients and the savings become substantial, Bickley and Burdette said.

Source: www.managedhealthcareexecutive.com/view/a-patient-centric-approach-care-plans-for-patients-pay-off