Bangladesh's intensive care units (ICUs) care has improved over time. Medical advances have improved ICU survival. However, critical illness survivors have significant morbidities that require Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation.

Early physiotherapy improves ICU patients' quality of life and reduces secondary impairments. The role of a Physical Therapist in the ICU has been established concerning airway clearance. Therefore, physical therapy is an essential ICU requirement. The critically ill patient's ability to walk was attributed to ICU culture and physical therapy services to promote early mobilisation.

Interventions used by physical therapists include mobilisation, positioning, limb exercises, respiratory muscle training and electrical stimulation. Mobilising conscious, medically stable ICU patients on mechanical ventilation has been safe and feasible. Sitting on the bed, sitting in a chair, and exercising the limbs while on mechanical ventilation appears to improve the patient's psychological framework and facilitate Rehabilitation once they are extubated.

In addition, physical therapy and routine chest physiotherapy improve ICU survivors' functional outcomes and quality of life.

The writer is in charge of the Physiotherapy Department in BRB Hospitals limited. E-mail: [email protected]

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