Oxysleep Maxcare on Saturday launched an exclusive centre for sleep disorders and Respiratory care with rehabilitation facilities. According to the company’s press statement, this integrated healthcare centre will be a blend of both modern science and holistic science to de-stress and detoxify the body and mind.  

The centre launched in Greater Noida in Uttar Pradesh will benefit the vast majority of people who suffer from Snoring, Sleep, Respiratory, Diabetic, and Obesity Disorders. According to Oxysleep Maxcare, inefficient sleep and sleep disorders can lead to multiple types of co-morbidities and are often linked with the risk for diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and stroke.

With over 100 types of registered sleep disorders, snoring and sleep apnea are the most common complications attributing to around 82 percent of the cases, the company stated. As a matter of fact, apneic episodes cause daytime sleepiness, morning headaches, hypertension, and an increased risk of stroke, coronary artery disease, and congestive heart failure.

The newly launched centre of Oxysleep Maxcare comprises three different departments namely Sleep centre, Pulmonary Rehab, and Holistic Care. The centre was inaugurated by Dr. RK Mani, MD Yashoda Hospital who was the chief guest of the event. 

The inauguration was also marked by the presence of Dr. Rajkumar (Director VPCI), Dr. K.K. Pandey (Sr. Consultant Pulmonologist Yashoda Hospital) and Dr. Arun Lakhanpal (Sr. Consultant Pulmonologist) as Guest of Honor and among other eminent faculty members personalities, Prof. J.P. Gupta, Dr. L.M. Parashar Dr. Mayank Uppal, Dr. Ramachandran, Dr. PR Gupta, and Col Dr. Ashok.

The sleep care centre, Oxysleep Maxcare, was founded by Raj k Sukhwani, who is also popularly known as Sleep Grandmaster in the industry.

“Crux of  29 years of Journey in serving patients’ wellbeing with a personal touch is that the treatment for sleep disorders is not confined to any single strategy but requires a multidisciplinary approach. An integrated approach helps to restrict the progression of the disease by aligning and energizing the mind, body, and soul,” Raj k Sukhwani CEO and Founder, Oxysleep Maxcare Advisory Board said in a statement.

Sukhwani also said that this improves overall well-being and rejuvenates mental health, which in turn motivates to follow the biological clock, imbibe positive thoughts, correct lifestyle modifications, balanced diet and regular exercise. Automatically, not only the progression of disease subsides but also the efficacy of modern medicine improves drastically and patients do better on even low doses.

Dr. Deepali Narula, MPT – Cardiopulmonary, Rehab Specialist at Oxysleep Maxcare, who is the first one to introduce the Sleep Apnea/ Snoring Reversal Program said that the Pulmonary rehabilitation ( a Prescriptive Individualised Exercise program) for COPD, Asthma Chronic respiratory disease and COVID cases, is initiated to improve the lung capacity through individualized scientifically-proven exercise programs that include Respiratory Rehab exercises, Lung Expansion Exercises, Breathlessness Management, Airway Clearance, Self-Management strategies, and Inspiratory Muscle Training through a wide range of techniques and devices.

“A Thorough Assessment with complete supervision and follow-up is done by means of physical and online sessions. “Stop Snoring and Sleep Apnea Reversal Exercise Program” has changed many lives so far and is very ideal for patients having mild/ moderate OSA and for patients having non-compliance to C-PAP,” Dr. Narula said. 

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