Can a person walk or kneel after a knee replacement surgery?

Generally, a person can walk after a few months after regularly exercising and following all precautions. Kneeling can be difficult for many patients despite post-operative rehabilitation. However, not everyone will deal with this problem. Similarly, a patient can drive but needs to practice as the range of motion is altered.

After a knee replacement surgery, the mobility is affected for a while until the patient is able to recover. However, the patient would be needing assistive devices and rehabilitation exercises to regain the maximum mobility. Also, even though walking normally possible in most cases, kneeling is very difficult in some cases.

Can you walk normally after knee replacement surgery?

Yes. Even though full recovery can take a few months, walking is possible. 

You will require assistive devices like crutches or a walker to assist your mobility immediately after the knee replacement surgery. Your orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist may recommend gradually increasing your exercise and walking as per your condition. 

Regular exercise can help restore your strength and improve your range of motion so you can return to daily activities.  Remember, one should not put too much strain on the healing knee as it can cause post-operative swelling and pain.

Can you kneel after knee replacement surgery?

Maybe/ maybe not. Kneeling is not harmful to your knee after a total knee replacement (TKR), although it may be uncomfortable. The range of motion post-surgery is defined by the quality of the surgery, the prosthesis used and post-operative rehabilitation. Many types of prostheses allow the same range of movements as the typical joint. Research suggests that kneeling can be the most difficult activity to do for a patient with TKR even though it is one of the most important one. Also, it has the poorest patient-rated outcome after the surgery. Between 50% and 80% of patients report that they have difficulty kneeling or do not kneel in the months and years after TKR.  A total knee motion after the surgery is unlikely, although there is an improvement. It must be noted that not every patient faces difficulty in kneeling after surgery. If a patient undergoes a total knee replacement because of arthritis, one would be unable to do things he/she couldn’t do before the surgery.

Can you drive a car after knee replacement surgery?

Yes. You can drive after your knee is recovered enough to get in and out of a car and control the car properly after the knee replacement surgery. It might take about 6-8 weeks after the surgery to recover in order to be safe to drive. Before driving, the patient must consider that certain things would be different with the new knee, such as getting in and out of the car, how the leg is comfortable, etc. You must consult their physiotherapist or doctor to confirm whether driving is appropriate.

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