"Many people have asked whether the body can heal itself from [the] flu, and the answer is yes. This is because the body's own immune system is capable of fighting off viral illnesses like the flu on its own without any medical treatment," DeVries explains. By implementing some specific tools and methods, she shares that we can support our body in making a smooth and speedy recovery.

"First, overall effects depend upon a few things, such as whether a person has been vaccinated against the seasonal strain or if the person has a weakened immune system or underlying condition," DeVries explains. "But it is important to get plenty of rest, so your body has time to focus its resources on recovering from illness." In addition to rest, DeVries also highlights the importance of hydration and nutrition — specifically, foods that are rich in minerals and vitamins. 

However, she notes that in some cases, further treatment may be warranted, such as from a respiratory therapist. "If you find that even after taking these steps, you still have lingering symptoms of flu-like fatigue or chest congestion, then seeking out additional medical care could be beneficial in terms of accelerating recovery time," she states.

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