Katy, Texas - Apex Physical Rehabilitation & Wellness provides personalized outpatient physical therapy and rehabilitation. Their main area of focus is resolving chronic and acute injuries. The clinic's services include; physical therapy, spinal decompression, aquatic therapy, specialty services, and work health.

In physical therapy, they assist their patients in regaining function in injured body parts with the help of their individualized treatment programs. Their team takes care of the existing issues and then creates effective preventative health care that meets a wide range of patient needs. They offer post-operative rehabilitation and relieve hip, knee, foot, and ankle pain. The clinic also treats neck, shoulder, elbow, and ankle pain and patients with orthopedic-related dysfunctions.

The Katy physiotherapist offers physiotherapy for post-operative rehabilitation. This type of rehab helps patients to re-establish joint motion and build the strength of the muscles around the affected joint. Eventually, the therapy will restore the normal function of the injured joint. The staff gradually adds the stimuli and workloads on the repaired joint throughout the recovery process to strengthen it. They train patients on the correct exercises to enhance healing while at home.

Apex Physical Rehabilitation & wellness offers orthopedic physiotherapy for clients with orthopedic-related dysfunction. They have physiotherapists who help reduce the pain by mobilizing stiff joints or releasing the tight muscles and fascia so the nerve pathways can open. The staff simultaneously engages patients in manual therapy, education, and movement for the best possible results.

The clinic addresses pain caused by sprains and strains, arthritis, and plantar fasciitis, among other issues. Their physical therapy Katy involves working with the patients to get to the root cause of the problem and offer effective treatment. The therapies promote tissue healing, reduce pain, reduce swelling, improve strength, and encourage ligament healing.

Besides that, the facility has a devoted team of workers' compensation professionals offering solutions for injured workers through prevention, management, treatment, and case closure. Under work health, they offer endurance training, functional capacity evaluation, injury prevention, and work conditioning.

Apex Physical Rehabilitation & Wellness uses evidence-based treatments with reliable research backing. The clinic provides care to its patients in a friendly and exceptional way. The clinic has treated thousands of patients with neurological and orthopedic conditions since its founding by Amir Kazemi in 1999. A quote from the company website says this about their services.

"Our genuine pledge is to take pride in passionately serving and caring for every patient. Our team desires to connect with each patient, on every visit, through sound and persistent performance of every detail of your physical therapy visit; so that we may have the honor of becoming your clinic of choice."

To consult or book an appointment, contact Apex Physical Rehabilitation & Wellness at (832) 240-7773. For more information about their physical therapy services, visit the clinic website. Apex Physical Rehabilitation & Wellness is located at 777 S Fry Rd #104, Katy, Texas, 77450, US.

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