Luka Rakić, born 2 August 1991, is a Montenegrin sprinter who specializes in the 200 meters. He participated for Montenegro at the 2011 World Championships in Athletics. He holds multiple Montenegrin records in athletics. He has been called the ˝pearl˝ of Montenegrin athletics by his country`s press.

1. What is your main area of work and how much time have you been training? Can you tell us more about it.

My journey in athletics began 7 years ago. I have been practicing it ever since. I mostly focus on disciplines such as 60m, 100m and 200m sprint. These are the disciplines in which it is important explosiveness, strength and endurance. Athletics is a basic sport, which everybody calls it “queen sport”and it is very difficult to compare with other sports. It is specific for a reason because you need to be dedicated and focused 365 per year in order to get the results for which you are currently able to do.

2. Do you think that athletics require special breathing techniques that allow athletes to withstand the strain of long distances?

Of course. If the breathing is in a controlled level, runner uses very little energy to non-significant movement and can be longer endures in progress.

3. How do you see yourself in the future? Will you continue to be faithful to athletics or you prefer to focus on other areas?

Currently I am finishing the third year at the Faculty of Applied Kinesiology and I am currently studying. Training profession is very popular, and I believe that I will be very successful in the future, but I am also very good in other non-athletic areas.