Barbara Jezeršek, born 31 October 1986 is a Slovenian cross country skier, currently representing Australia. At the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, she finished 14th in the 4 x 5 km relay.

1.What is your main area of work and how much time have you been training? Can you tell us more about it.

My main field is cross-country skiing. In this sport, I have been since 1998. For the Slovenian national team I compete since 2003 and from that year I am professionally in this sport. After the last Olympics in 2014 I moved to Australia and from 2016 I also compete under the flag of Australia.

2. Do you think that cross-country skiing requires a special breathing techniques that cross-country skiers keep up in the long runs?

I think this is very important because our sport is aerobic and correct breathing is very important. In the past, they tested different breathing techniques and the results were positive. The body definitely responds differently and it is easier to withstand great efforts - especially on longer distances.

3. The next year are Olympics in Pyeongchang and we are interested in whether your preparation on trainings are different from the preparations for the World Cup?

Not really, all matches are equally important and training is an important issue from the very beginning. In cross-country skiing is very important running and training base at itself. In my case, this is a very long durability efforts such as matches at 10km, 15km and up to 70km.

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