When you get a stuffy nose, you may not think that stress could’ve contributed to it, but experts say otherwise. Sinus problems, like a runny nose and sinusitis, can be triggered by stress too. 

For one, stress, especially chronic stress, has an impact on your immune system (via Kaplan Sinus Relief). This means you’re more at risk of allergies, colds, sinus issues, and other illnesses that affect your nose. Some science says stress can cause nose bleeds, although it might not be the only reason. The theory is that stress causes your heart rate to go up which could lead to the dilation of blood vessels and bleeding (via ENT Sheffield). As explained by consultant ear, nose, and throat doctor (ENT), Dr. Vikram Dhar, per Top Doctors, “Primarily, the issue with stress is that it raises our blood pressure, and, a bit like a plumbing system, if the pressure in the system is high and there’s the potential of a leak somewhere, then a nosebleed can often ensue.”

It is also not uncommon for us to pick at our noses when we’re stressed and injure them without even knowing we are doing so. This can cause bleeding too, as ENT Sheffield noted. While stress-related sinus issues and nose bleeds may require more attention in the form of nasal sprays, cold compresses, and a visit to a doctor, when your nose turns cold because of stress, it might just be a sign for you to slow down. 

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