Hectic schedules can take a toll on one’s well-being. Hence, it is essential to adopt adequate stress-relief measures to go about your day-to-day life in a holistic way. While working out and eating healthy prove to be immensely beneficial, did you know that quick yet effective breathing technioque can also help you allviate stress?

Sharing more about the breathing technique of Bhramari or the bumblebee breath, known as a “grounding pranayama”, ayurvedic practitioner Geeta Vara said, “Simply a heaven-sent technique to bring balance and relief to our stress and anxiety.”

How does it work?

The vibration of the breath does not allow any thoughts to enter the mind, creating a sense of peace and calm within us, said Vara. “It can help with our focus and concentration as well as soothe the nervous system, throat, and voice. It’s truly blissful,” she said on Instagram.

Here’s how to do it

*Push the front flap of the ear with the thumbs to shut out outer noise, close the eyes and cover with the fingers.
*Take a deep inhalation to your natural full lung capacity and as you exhale a long and slow breath, produce a deep bumblebee humming sound.
*Allow the vibration to fill your entire upper body (head, throat, chest and abdomen).
*Repeat 8-10 times.

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