Why is it so hard dealing with anxiety? We’ve heard and read all about breathing, meditating, and visualization, but it seems impossible.

Many people agree, as reflected by the increase in the use of medications to treat anxiety symptoms.

Has this crossed your mind, or are you already taking the edge off with Xanax, Valium, or a bit too much wine at the end of the day?

In treating anxiety, it’s common to have a sense of disconnection from yourself.

Whether it’s from feeling overwhelmed or disempowered, it’s a loss of self-efficacy. And to complicate matters, it’s usually on an unconscious level. 

But mindfulness training is an effective part of the reconnection process and solution for reducing anxiety.

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Oftentimes, the true source of anxiety is disguised, perhaps as small annoyances or just a “bad mood.” In stillness, we uncover the real concerns and fears, and in breaking this down it becomes more manageable. 

However, anxiety reduction techniques in mindfulness training need to be cultivated on a daily basis.

It’s like building it up in your system so you have it when you need to call upon it. 

When you’re familiar with the feeling of a calm state of mind, it will serve you in stressful times. And from that state of mind comes clarity, perspective, and the reassurance that all is well and manageable.


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