It can be very exotic to have a stressful day at work. Perhaps, you have had one of those days where everything just seems off— you are not in the mood for anything. On such days, your productivity drops and you become easily irritable and anxious.

Experiencing bad days at work is normal, but you have to do something about it. You need to put measures in place that can help you cope with stressful days. This article discusses different ways you can relieve stress and reduce anxiety at work. 

Come Up With A List

This might seem irrelevant especially when you are having a bad day at work, but it can be of great help. When you are feeling too stressed for work, you should think of stopping everything and writing a list. In the list, write things that you prioritize for the day. This list can be written on a paper or your phone. This technique has two benefits: first, you will have a clear plan of how you will deal with the remainder of the day, and secondly, you will give yourself a break from the stressful activities at work. If you involve a lot of brainstorming, then this tactic is good for you. Note that your brain cannot function properly if you are anxious or stressed out. It can be very helpful if you take a short break from it and relax

Take It Home

Depending on the type of job you are involved in, this can be a good option. With this in mind, more companies allow people to work from the comfort of their homes, but not all the time. If you feel like you are too stressed to work from the office, you can take a day off and work from home. Getting away from the work environment can help you relax and feel at home. Go on with your day as normal and remember to carry out your duties as required. This will put you in a good state of mind and help recover from stress.

Let It Out

If you are a reserved person, it is understandable that you don’t want to complain too much. There is, however, no harm in letting your colleagues know that you are having a rough day. You can talk to the colleague you are fond of during lunch break and let out your feelings. You can also call a friend or spouse and have a hearty conversation with them. Talking to people you are fond of will help lower the stress levels.

Try Breathing Techniques

You have probably heard of the breathing technique. This method can be very effective especially when it comes to relieving stress at work. When things get rough and you are feeling down, stop and take a deep breath. Anger and irritation can prevent you from making logical and sensible decisions. By taking a deep breath, you reduce the stress and anger emotions. There are several breathing techniques such as alternate nostril breathing and deep breathing. These breathing styles can help you relieve the anger and frustration you are feeling. When you take deep breaths, you will feel relaxed and in control of your day.

Use CBD Products

Using CBD products will help you relax when you are having a stressful day at work. These products are specially effective in dealing with anxiety and stress. They trigger the feeling of calm and relaxation by  triggering the production of hormones. They can also help control muscular spasms, mobility problems, and nervousness. You can get products similar to CBD at the Smartshop at Zamnesia. They will help boost your moods and reduce stress. 

Prioritize Self-Care

When you are overloaded with a lot of work, think about your well-being and try to be fair to yourself. You might be too focused on getting the job done that you completely forget about your well-being. When you spend long hours at work and get drained, you will easily get stressed. To avoid this, ensure that you are in a good mental state before focusing on the jobs. Do so by ensuring you eat all the meals, take a bath and dress well. Take care of yourself!

Treat Yourself

If things get tough for you at work, you can excuse yourself briefly and go have a treat. You can go to a restaurant across the street and a cup of coffee. All you might need is getting away from the workstation for a while to feel better. If your job has a common room or a waiting bay, you can spend some alone time there to relax. Such breaks can help change your mood and relieve anxiety. 


It is very common to have a stressful day at work. Now that you know some of the tricks that can help you relieve stress, you can implement them for a better day. Your productivity levels depend on your state of mind, and bad days can significantly affect productivity.

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