Josh is beginning to realize that saying he’s fine isn’t convincing enough to himself anymore. How will he overcome these feelings? Read on to find out what happens in Mr. Corman season 1, episode 2 “Don’t Panic.”

Josh is still playing music and making beats in his room now that he has his spark back. There is a meteor (metaphorically speaking?) that is plummeting toward Earth and will change the trajectory of Josh’s life. What starts as a normal day quickly turns as he calls in for a substitute teacher.

Josh arrives back at his apartment when he hears a crash outside. Suddenly he begins pacing and dealing with what seems to be a panic attack. He calls a doctor’s office to be seen immediately, but the earliest he can be seen is in November. He tries to sit down and play music but ends up at a friend’s place asking about his anxiety. Instead of giving Josh pills, he offers him weed, which Josh declines by saying he’s sober. But his friend is insistent on it being medical-grade. Josh says no, he wants the pill.

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Back at home, he wakes from slumber and checks his emails. He comes across one for a Visa credit card that he definitely didn’t open, so he calls the number to figure it out. Turns out, his dad opened the credit card in his name and it’s racked up a pretty penny. Josh tells the man on the phone this is giving him anxiety, so he hangs up.

Josh tries to distract himself by reading headlines, going on Bumble, even searching his ex-girlfriend, Megan’s, name. At school, Josh is listening to a group of his students give a presentation on vampire bats.

Victor and Josh are at home eating dinner when Josh attempts to tell him what he’s going through. Victor says chest pains are serious so he should go to the doctor. Josh isn’t even sure it’s real. Victor tries to get to the bottom of what’s bothering Josh, but it’s making it worse. Victor searches the internet for something to help when he comes across a weighted blanket. The problem? It’s $250. So Victor suggests they make their own. Josh thinks that’s ridiculous, but Victor grabs a blanket and tells him to get on the floor. It doesn’t work so Josh heads to a breathing workshop. They begin by breathing into their stomachs, then chest, and out of their mouths. The woman next to him begins crying, so he helps her focus on her breathing and outstretches his hand to her.

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