The coronavirus has shown how it can affect the respiratory system. Here are five breathing exercises that can help you develop the lungs and their immunity to be prepared in case of an infection.

Deep breathing with increasing counts is one of the easiest and most important exercises. It will help in strengthening the lungs and improving blood flow and immunity, while eliminating stress and anxiety. Practise for a duration of two to five minutes.

Abdominal breathing, has various benefits such as managing irritable bowel syndrome, depression, anxiety and insomnia. This exercise consciously practises filling in the lungs to their maximum capacity and increasing oxygen uptake.

Cardiovascular exercise can help to increase the heart rate which forces the respiratory system to become more efficient and eventually increases the amount of oxygen you take with each breath. Brisk walking, spot jogging, jumping rope, jumping jacks and climbing staircases are some such exercises that will help improve lung capacity and functioning.

Anulom-vilom is a prevalent Pranayama that helps to clear out the nasal passage and improves respiratory muscle strength. It is best to be practiced with an empty stomach.

Bhramari is a humming exercise, which increases nitric oxide in the body and acts as vasodilators; helps with easier blood flow through the vessels and prevents muscles from tightening.

Practise these exercises daily for benefits to start accruing.

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