EDINBURGH, United Kingdom, July 15, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Harmonic Breathing has just released their debut EP Flow to help everyone who wants the relaxation benefits of meditation but finds it too difficult to sustain. Flow comes with four tracks themed around the relaxing sound of rain flowing to the ocean. Based on the latest scientific research, Flow is the first music release designed to guide listeners to breathe at the optimal rate for relaxation with rising and falling notes.

Research shows that slow breathing exercises at a rate of six breaths per minute allow the body to enter a relaxed state, helping people lessen anxieties and fall asleep faster. Harmonic Breathing is all about enjoying maximum relaxation with minimum effort, thanks to a powerful combination of paced breathing and meditation music with binaural beats, infrasonic bass and relaxing nature sounds.

"This is a fantastic idea that will help everyone to actually do breathing exercises." said Dr Melanie Suettman, Doctor of Clinical Psychology. "Some people find it hard to keep doing breathing exercises, despite the many proven benefits. Harmonic Breathing makes it interesting, different, easier and even fun."

Musician Ben Gillett took inspiration from his own experience of stress and anxiety and the health issues they cause. He has done week long meditation retreats and tried many approaches to daily meditation. Ben's goal was to deliver as many of the mental health benefits of meditation whilst making it as easy as possible. The Harmonic Breathing website contains relaxing nature videos with an on screen breathing circle to guide breaths. There is also a guide to deep diaphragmatic breathing and comprehensive information on the scientific research that underpins the music.

"There is good evidence that slow instrumental music can help lower heart rate, reduce blood pressure and decrease levels of hormones associated with stress." said founder Ben Gillett. "Listening to this music whilst breathing at six breaths a minute is a great way to relax before sleep."

Flow can be streamed now for free at HarmonicBreathing.com, Spotify, and Apple Music. All revenues will be donated to Cool Earth, a charity that works with local communities to halt deforestation and its impact on climate change.

To find out more, please visit HarmonicBreathing.com

About Harmonic Breathing: Harmonic Breathing is a music project to help people relax by making breathing exercises easy and enjoyable. Based on the latest scientific research, the music guides listeners to breathe at the perfect rate for relaxation with rising and falling notes. The experience is enhanced with binaural beats, infrasonic bass and relaxing nature sounds.

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