COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Back to school time brings anxiety and stress for parents and students.

One local counselor says, after the last year most students have had, that could be amplified heading into the upcoming semester.

Counselor with the Pastoral Institute, Earl Nichols, tells us there are some signs parents and teachers can look out for in students that will indicate higher than usual anxiety. He adds, there’s some things you can do to help.

“I tell parents this, if you want your children to be more relaxed don’t get more upset around them. You have to be able to manage your own feelings and be able to talk with them while remaining relaxed. If you can’t do that then they can’t relax,” said Nichols.

Nichols says, if you realize a kid is under a lot of stress or anxiety first have them say aloud ‘I’m not in danger’. Then, have them slow their breathing, and relax their body. Finally, once they’re calm, have them talk out what they’re feeling.

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