Some organic apricot kernels are being recalled across Canada because they may cause cyanide poisoning.

Health Canada says Organic Traditions’ Dried Bitter Apricot Kernels contain an “excessive” amount of amygdalin, a toxin.

According to the agency, amygdalin occurs naturally in apricot kernels, but can make you sick in large amounts. When eaten, officials say the toxin could release cyanide.

Although the human body can process small amounts of cyanide, a high dose in a short period of time can be fatal.

Health Canada says you shouldn’t eat or cook with any Organic Traditions Dried Bitter Apricot Kernels, stamped with a UPC code of 6 27733 00900 3 and with best before dates of 05/2020 or 12/2021.

So far, the agency hasn’t heard about anyone getting sick from the kernels.

Symptoms of cyanide poisoning include weakness, confusion, anxiety, restlessness, headache, nausea, difficulty breathing, loss of consciousness, seizures and cardiac arrest.

If you have any of the kernels in your kitchen, throw them out or bring them back to the store for a refund.

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Photo courtesy of Health Canada

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