Just one minute a day will relieve your anxiety! Help your bone mass! Boost your brain power!

While these claims seem like a too-good-to-be-true infomercial, this exercise done daily for 60 seconds has been show to result in significant benefits. And it’s not some intense cardio workout. In fact, it’s from yoga: plank pose.

Yoga being beneficial for aging is not new. Research has shown that it can help imprave balance, mobility, and also mental health and even cognition. As reported in Women’s World, studies show that, thanks to yoga’s combination of breathing and poses, can even slow aging at a cellular level.

We all know that it can be tough to find time to exercise. Carving out time to get to a yoga studio, practice for an hour, and then drive back home, or even if you practice at home–it can be hard to commit that much of your day some days. But just a minute a day of plank pose can boost your health. This weigh bearing pose helps to build bone mass and on top of that it builds strength in many parts of your body.

For more on why plank pose is a great pose to practice regularly, and for pointers on how to do it properly (plank in poor form and it won’t be as effective), check out the Women’s World.

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